Handmade Wedding Stationery

We offer a full, personal service to help meet all your stationery needs for your big day.

From 'Save the Date' cards and Invitations through to Place cards and Thank You cards, whatever you need, we will be happy to provide the right product. We want to help compliment your chosen theme and personal taste, by providing you with stationery made with care and attention.

The designs offered can all be tailored to suit your requirements, offering choices of colours, materials and fonts. We can also offer handmade stationery for those who are working to a tight budget.

Handmade Wedding Stationary

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'Save the date' postcards
Send out to people to let them know when you are getting married. They are normally used if you have set the date more than four months in advance.

Wedding: Usual invitations sent to invite people to the whole day's celebrations.
Evening: Sent to people who are invited only to the evening celebrations. They may also be invited to the ceremony if you want.

Reply cards:
These can be included with your invitations, to help your guests to reply promptly.

Order of Service/Order of the Day:
Often used in both church and civil ceremonies. They can contain all the information needed for the service and/or the timetable of the day.

Menus and Place cards:
The menus are used at the reception and are usually displayed on the tables. The place cards are for use with seating plans which helps the guests find exactly where they are to be seated.

Table plans and table names:
This is a large plan of the room layout with the location of the tables and who is seated where. The table names help people find the exact location in the room.

Thank you cards:
Sent out after the wedding to thank people for the gifts you receive, but can also be for the wedding party and helpers.

These are often sweets, chocolates or a small gift for each guest.

Information for guests:
These often contain maps, directions, local hotels and services, as well as the gift list information.

Available Designs of Wedding Stationery

If you can't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me on the address below and I am sure we can sort out something suitable for you.

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